It is important to read all of the rules regarding to commissions in order to understand how the process works. This will prevent confusion and provide a much more smoother experience when ordering art. I have the rights to change the following rules as time passes. Please ask me/ToasterLady if something is unclear.

USAGE: Commissioned art may only be used or reposted by the commissioner ONLY, but only on social media sites, not on art sites (including but not limited to Pixiv, DeviantArt, PaigeeWorld). Usage includes social media icons and other personal goods. You may edit the artwork as you please, but must always credit me (ToasterLady) as the original artist. Reselling the artwork is not permitted unless stated that you wish to commission artwork for commercial purposes. This will cost extra as you will be the one to profit from my art. If my artwork is to be posted anywhere for public view (applies only if the full art piece is visible), please use a watermarked version of the art.

PAYMENT & PROCESS: Payments must be sent via Paypal. When commissioning, please wait for an email or message of approval for the order. Afterwards, I will create a rough sketch and communicate with the commissioner for thoughts. Once approved by the commissioner, I will begin the finalization process (line art, coloring, editing). It is advised to the commissioner to not request last minute changes unless they are minor such as a color change or adding a small accessory. Major changes would include poses, wardrobe swapping, facial expression, etc. Once completely finalized by both parties, payment can then be sent on Paypal. My Paypal email is [email protected]All payments MUST be in USD or the equivalent amount in USD. An invoice will be created by me and I will send it to your PayPal email address. Once payment is visibly sent, a minimized watermarked product and a watermark-free file of the commissioned art will be sent.